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Girls : Nursery I to Class I – Red frock with ivory blue collar and school monogram on a white base, grey slacks (in winter), black shoes, white socks.Class II – VII – Grey tunic, white blouse, red belt, red tie.Class VIII to Class X – Grey skirt, white blouse with grey collar, red tie.Winter – White stockingsBoys : Nursery I to Nursery II – Red shirt with Ivory Blue collar and school monogram on a white base, grey shorts, black shoes, white socks.Winter – Red woollen cardigan.Class I – IV – Grey shorts without galleys, white HALF-SLEEVES shirt, red tie.Class V to Class VII – Grey shorts, white HALF-SLEEVES shirt, red tie.Class VIII to X – Grey trousers OF CONVENTIONAL DESIGN, white HALF-SLEEVES shirt, red tie.Winter – Grey trousersSchool monogram – to be embossed on the dress.School badge & I-Card – to be worn everydaySchool tie – red ties are to be worn by boys and girls of all classes daily, unless otherwise instructed.School socks and shoes – White socks and black shoes. White shoes are to be used on those days when there are  Games / P.T. classes and when specially instructed.School cardigan (for winter) – Red cardigan (Nursery-I to Class IV) & Grey cardigan (Class V to Class X). Specification – Woollen full-sleeves cardigan with buttons in front, or woollen half-sleeves pullover (Plain knitting). Shade of wool to tally with school specification.N.B. – THE COLOUR, AS SPECIFIED BY OUR SCHOOL, AND NO OTHER SHADE, IS TO BE USED FOR THE FROCK, TUNIC, SKIRT, SHORTS, TROUSERS AND WOOLLEN CARDIGAN.IN WINTER BOYS MAY WEAR FULL-SLEEVES SHIRT AND TROUSERS WHILE GIRLS MAY WEAR WHITE STOCKINGS.