Class XII Form Fill Up


The Guardians of students of Class-XII – KOLKATA (to be sent up for Higher Secondary Exam., 2021)


Re: Programme in connection with Higher Secondary Examination 2021  


Dear guardians,

This is to inform you that online classes will continue for at least the next 2(two)/3(three) months, i.e., for January, February & March, 2021 under the same Zoom ID.  Evaluation test will be held in the month of February/March, 2021 under the new reduced syllabus so that the students get accustomed to the change incurred due to the pandemic situation.  The next set of ONLINE CLASS routine will be notified in the section-wise WhatsApp groups.


Guardians are required to deposit the Tuition fees till May 2021 along with the Council Examination fees before filling up of the Council forms for Higher Secondary exam 2021.  However, in view of the present situation, you are requested to deposit the requisite fees of your ward till February 2021 before filling up the Council forms as per dates notified below.  The residual fees of March to May 2021 along with laboratory fee will have to be deposited before distribution of Admit cards of Higher Secondary Examination 2021.

Deposit of Fees by sent-up candidates:  12.01.2021 and 13.01.2021

daily between 10.00am to 3.00pm at 55/5, Purna Das Road, Golpark, Kolkata-700029

(Online and Cheque payment of fees will not be accepted)


Amount of Fees to be deposited by Demand Draft drawn in favour of

‘Nava Nalanda High School (H. S. Dept.)’ or by  Debit/Credit card as given below:

Tuition Fees (Jan’21-February’21) @ Rs.2190.00 pm Rs. 4380.00

Council Fee                                                                           Rs.     235.00 (WBCHSE fee)

Total                Rs. 4615.00


Please note that these fees are in addition to all other due fees including session fees up to December 2020.

FORM FILL-UP (at 55/5, Purna Das Road, Kolkata-700029)

15.01.2021 (Friday)                        10.00 am             11.00 am           Cl-XII/A

                                                             11.00 pm            12.00 noon       Cl-XII/B

                                                             12.00 noon         1.00 pm             Cl-XII/C

                                                             1.30 pm              2.30 pm             Cl-XII/D

                                                             2.30 pm              3.30 pm             Cl-XII/E

16.01.2021 (Saturday)                  10.00 am             11.00 am           Cl-XII/F

                                                             11.00 pm            12.00 noon       Cl-XII/G

                                                             12.00 noon         1.00 pm             Cl-XII/H

                                                             1.30 pm              2.30 pm             Cl-XII/I

                                                             2.30 pm              3.30 pm             Cl-XII/J


  1. Students must attend personally, punctually in full school uni
  2. Items to be carried:

(a) Black ballpoint pen (b) receipted counterfoil of the fee book.

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