Information regarding ECS / NACH mandate

The school management has decided to discontinue all Online / Offline mode of payment of fees on and from 1st January 2023. All School fees will be accepted only through ECS / NACH mode of payment. Hence, all of you are requested to submit the ECS/NACH mandate form and a “CANCELLED” cheque of the bank account holder in a sealed envelope positively before the puja vacation. The ECS / NACH mandate form will be distributed to the students in class and the guardians are hereby requested to submit ECS / NACH mandate through their wards to the respective class teachers positively before the puja vacation. For your reference the Guardians are requested to follow the instructions as available on the website & Section wise WhatsApp Group before filling up the form. In case of any query please contact the school office.

Important Instructions:

  • Guardian (A/C holder) is required to sign (by Black ball Pen) the ECS / NACH mandate and mention their name in Block letters.
  • In case of Joint A/C holder First A/C holder is required to sign and mention His / Her name in block letters.
  • In case of download the aforesaid form from our website or WhatsApp group the form size must be A4.
  • Guardians must mention their ward name, Class, Sec, Roll no., Registration no (mandatory) and two mobile numbers at the back side of the cancelled cheque.

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