Rules for Payment of School Fees for Class V to X (Session 2023)

  1. School Fees to be paid only through ECS/NACH mode. No other mode of payment will be accepted with effect from 1st January 2023.
  2. Necessary ECS Mandate Form along with one cancelled cheque of the Account holder to be submitted at school office positively by 21st October 2022. ECS Mandate Maximum limit will be fixed at Rs. 15000/- (as and when presented).
  3. Those who have already submitted the correct ECS Mandate Form, need not require to submit again.
  4. Details of fixed Mamimum Limit amount of Rs. 15000/- is calculated as follows:
    • School fee + Bus fee and any other fees (if applicable). The school fee plus bus fee and any other fees will be collected through ECS/NACH mode on Monthly basis on 15th day of every month. Two months fee may be collected at a time only on Summer / Puja / Winter Vacation with prior intimation.
    • Sufficient balance should be kept in the respective bank account from 14th Day of every month.
    • ECS / NACH bouncing / failure charge for insufficient fund will be Rs. 700/- per transaction.
    • Bus fee will be claimed along with school fee through ECS for the students who are availing school buses.
  5. Monthly School fee and Bus fee for the session 2023 will be intimated within 31st December 2022 through this website / Annual Result.

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